Flowpack Machines

Flowpack machines, long experience, innovation and sustainable development.

Flowpack machines from our partner Syntegon handle speeds between 10-1500 packagings/min. Available as single machines or a whole line, for laminate, plastic film and paper-based materials.

Examples of packaging

Sustainable development with paper-based film for flowpack machines

Are you planning on replacing your flowpack materials with a paper-based film now or in the future? Our partner Syntegon has, after a long development work and industrial test drives, developed a completely new folding case for paper films. All at high speeds and without getting creases on the paper. A complete solution to help you in sustainable development.

Flowpack Machines Syntegon Sigpack HRM
Syntegon Sigpack

A whole line of product input, flowpack machine, toploader and case packer

Do you want a supplier who takes overall responsibility for your packaging line?

A turnkey solution with one partner, integration, communication and with the possibility to also take responsibility for machines from the desired subcontractor.

Your entire line may consist of product distribution, one or more flowpack machines, control equipment, a toploader or cartoning machine, as well as case packers for manufacturing the transport packaging.

Flowpack machines - Syntegon Integrated packaging system HRM TTM 
Syntegon Integrated packaging system HRM/TTM 

Also standalone flowpack machines

Our partner Syntegon also supplies individual flowpack machines with a simpler automatic input of the products, or with the possibility to hand-feed the line with products.

Flowpack Machines Syntegon Pack 102
Syntegon Pack 102 
Flowpack Machines Syntegon Pack 102
Syntegon Pack 102 

You have the product, we have experience

We have extensive experience in packing the following products with flowpack machines:

Chocolate bars, chocolate sticks, biscuits, crisp bread, fresh produce, cheese, technical products, diagnostic products, cards, rolls, donuts, muffins, pirogues, pies, pizza, etc. Contact us and we will help you find the right solution for your product.


Syntegon’s flowpack machines and total lines have always been a benchmark in the market. Leading in the development of new technologies, leading with high productivity on the lines, leading in the delivery of whole system including everything from process to finished transport pallet, and leader in sustainable development. We work with you for a future where packaging is part of a recycling cycle.

Contact us and together we will build a mutually successful future.

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