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Bottle Feeders

Our partner Packfeeder, part of the Rotzinger group, manufactures machines for sorting, orientation and feeding bottles to filling lines.

Packfeeder with a factory in Spain was founded in 2002 and is a leading manufacturer of bottle feeders for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and the food industries.

Packfeeder builds two types of bottle feeder systems:

  • Mechanical In-line bottle feeder
  • Pick & Place bottle feeder with a robotiv solution, PickFeeder

Mechanical In-line bottle feeders

The in-line series from Packfeeder has a wide range of different bottle feeders. In-Line Packfeeder bottle unscrambler are efficient and flexible and can handle bottles in different dimensions, properties and materials. With sizes from 3ml up to over 1000ml at speeds from 30 bottles up to 500 bottles per minute, there is something for every production requirement.

Flaskmatare Packfeeder in line Kafeko Nordic
Packfeeder In-Line

PickFeeder – Pick & Place bottle feeder

PickFeeder is a bottle feeder that works with Pick & Place robotic systems consisting of one or more robotic devices. We can adapt the equipment to the different needs of each project and thus increase the efficiency of each production line.

All PickFeeder bottle feeders have automatic format change. The flexibility allows PickFeeder bottle feeders to work with an infinite number of products, customized to each customer’s needs.

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