Syntegon vertical bagging 1

Syntegon – Vertical bagging/Wrap around

Over the years Kafeko / Syntegon have supplied line solutions to candy customers in the Nordic area, for bagging and case packaging of candy. One of the complete lines is described below.

Baggers and wraparound for packaging were delivered as a turn key ready system by Syntegon. The customer wanted a single local contact point for all communication. As our principal Syntegon cover almost all equipment from process to transport packaging, with custom equipment for candy, it was also an advantage for the customer as we could minimize the amount of third-party equipment.

With help of our local engineer, the installation also went well during these Covid times.
Beside the two vertical baggers and wraparound machine, the packaging part also included infeed, multihead-weighers, and quality check of the packed goods. This system gives the customer flexibility for the future, as the line is prepared to handle new material and products for a long time.

We hope you find this information interesting, and we are happy to help you further with your ideas and plans for your future packaging lines.

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